Introducing Impact 100 Orange County

To:  Impact100 Orange County 2022 Members

FROM:  Your Board of Directors

New chapter, new look, same mission!

Young ambitious and willing to make an impact in her backyard; Kenzie was seeking purpose and a way to give back. “Even though I grew up in a family beyond generous and active in philanthropy I did not relate to the action of giving back. I wanted to seek purpose, I thought dollars would not answer my quest. Then I met Wendy (founder of Impact100 Global), a true Divine connection is how i would describe it. She inspired me by the Impact100 model and I knew it was the perfect fit. Not only was southern California not very active in the Impact100 model at the time, but Orange County was not a claimed chapter. Written in the stars as they say I told Wendy I was interested in starting a chapter and six months later the action became a reality. “ – Kenzie Vath

Every culture depends on philanthropy and nonprofit organizations to provide essential elements of a civil society. We have a calling to make a change in our backyard helping our neighbors, communities and those in need. I am blessed to have the ability to start a movement in Orange County that I hope will make waves of giving across the pacific coast.

The national Impact100 Council has been helping chapters get up and running through word-of-mouth and national meetings at which ideas are shared.  This past year, Impact100 Global employed the services of a national marketing and branding agency to more formally align the chapters into a global entity.  The goal is to promote, through media and public relations, the global influence and achievements of the more than 65 chapters (and growing) around the world.  Your Orange County chapter is joining forces with other chapters to promote the collective impact of all Impact100 chapters and to take advantage of the momentum the national organization is developing.

Please check out our new website at and add it to your favorites.  Also, check out our new Facebook page and our Instagram and LinkedIn accounts.

You can reach us at and through the website listed above.

Welcome to the exciting world of Impact100 Orange County.