Application Process

Impact100 OC awards grants to nonprofits in our local community of orange county that address the focus area stipulated in our Eligibility Criteria. Eligible nonprofits may submit for our annual grant application starting June once we have announced the annual grant size end of May at our BIG REVEAL.

Member volunteers review and score grant applications based on 4 criteria:

1. Overall mission, vision of organization
2. Meeting unique need in the community
3. Proposed use of grant dollars (be clear on what the Impact100OC dollars will be covering under your annual budget).
4. Shows clear programming specific to the focus area identified each year


Important Dates

June: Big Reveal of our annual Grant Amount!

June (first week): Grant applications are open

August: Grant submission close

August-October: Committee formation, review of applications and site visits

November: Meet the Finalists MEMBER ONLY

November: Annual Presentation Event! MEMBER Invite 

How should I submit my application?

Applications are to be submitted directly through our Grant Application Form.

Zoom recording: Directions on how to apply.

Can our organization submit applications in more than one Focus Area?

No, each organization may submit only one grant application per year and must address the Focus Area described in the criteria.

Do you only fund women-focused causes?

No, our grant is non-bias and we do not fund with a gender lens. We are a women-funded community but all non-profits that meet the basic criteria are able to apply for the grant.

The funding we need for our proposal is more than the grant Impact100 offers. Can we submit a proposal for more than the $100,000?

Once the grant amount is published to the community you are able to submit for the amount up to what has been announced. If the amount exceeds $100,000, then yes you are able to submit up to the annual grant amount.

Will you consider a proposal from a group of organizations collaborating on a project or program?

Yes. One of the collaborating organizations must be the “lead organization,” applying on behalf of the collaboration. The lead organization must be willing to take on all the potential rights, responsibilities, restrictions, and liabilities of the grant if it is received.

Do you give grants to proposals that expend the funds over a period of years?

No, Impact100 Orange County seeks proposals that expend grant funds within 24 months.

Will the grant be paid in a lump sum?

Impact100 Orange County will distribute the grant money as a one-time payment or as an installment payment, depending on what they deem to be the most fiscally responsible. A grant applicant may request either type of payment in the application.

If we are not a grant recipient will someone let us know how we can improve our application?

It is our policy to not give direct feedback. Committee members change every year so advice other than general information presented on our website or at our Information Session for nonprofits would be misleading. However, if you have specific questions regarding the process that we can support you on we are here to help ensure all nonprofits have an opportunity to apply for the grant.

We are a small Non-profit and very new, will we still be considered?

Yes, however you may want to consider collaborating with another nonprofit that has a proven financially stable track record. If you have not had an audit, our Grant Committee will require a justifiable reason as to why.

If we submit a grant application this year and don’t get awarded the grant, how soon can we resubmit the proposal?

You are welcome to apply again the following year.

Does Impact100 fund current operating expenses?

No, Impact100 Orange County grants are meant to be transformational and impactful for the focus community the nonprofit serves. While the definition of transformation varies among members, we cannot fund an organization initiative that does not intend expansion or services delivered in a new way. An appropriate funding request for Impact100 Orange County would be for services performed in a new way (innovation), more services of the same kind provided more often to their current population (deepening), or expanding their current service to a new population (expansion). Impact100 would expect the budget to reflect such, which could include additional staff and their resultant operating costs or other capital requests.

Are grants always for the same amount?

Our grant amount fluctuates every year based on the number of members we have for that year. Each time we accumulate 100 members, $1,000 donations, we are able to grant a minimum $100,000 award.

If the most recent budget is not approved by an agency’s board by the grant deadline, can the “draft” be submitted?

Yes. Impact100 OC is interested in your project budget and even though it is not officially approved, it must still be a realistic budget. Please note that the process asks you to confirm that the non-profit Executive Director and/or Board President are aware of the application. Grant recipients are responsible to spend all funds in the manner with which they applied for the grant.

What kind of communication can we expect from Impact100 Orange County during this process?

Impact100 OC notifies all applicants at each stage of the application process, even if they are not invited to receive a site visit or become a finalist.

Who can I contact for more information?

Any questions or comments regarding the grant application process are welcome. Please contact us at