Impact100 Orange County’s mission is to deliver high-impact grants that support local nonprofits, reach underserved populations, and address unmet needs within our community. By rigorously vetting and providing grants, we financially empower these nonprofits, enabling them to secure additional funding to further serve our community’s needs. Our engagement with these organizations involves a deep dive into their programs, services, and the communities they support. In return, our nonprofit partners affirm that our grant process encourages them to think bigger and more strategically, amplifying the effectiveness and reach of their work.

2024 GRANT RECIPIENT: Coming November ….

  • AWARD: $74,000

2023 GRANT RECIPIENT: Giving Children Hope

  • AWARD: $65,000
  • FOCUS AREA: Family & Children
  • DETAILS: Is a faith-based non-profit that helps children and families break out of the cycle of need into success and self-sustainability. We help children and families in Southern California who are housing unstable and looking to build a community to sustain support in areas of food, essentials, and a pathway out of poverty. The funds awarded  in our 2023 grant went directly to supporting their distribution center program bridging the gap between homelessness and housing.


2022 GRANT RECIPIENT: Breast Cancer Solutions

  • AWARD: $38,000
  • FOCUS AREA: Health & Wellness
  • DETAILS: The mission of Breast Cancer Solutions (BCS) is to provide breast cancer patients with direct assistance, community referrals and compassionate support. Our organization is a trusted safety net resource that serves Orange County breast cancer patients at risk of delaying, stopping, or being denied treatment due to financial hardship and the inability to pay for living expenses. The funds awarded support direct client food and transportation assistance for our 2023 program.